facebook is crap because it doesn't resemble a book
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People also think facebook is crap because it:
won't let me upload videos of myself violently masturbating to Golden Girls dubbed over in German [crap good]
is a creepy reminder of so many things and people you'd rather forget [crap good]
tries to monopolize our digital lives [crap good]
makes people act like they have far more interesting lives than they actually do [crap good]
makes you think you have true friends [crap good]
filled with sad, crappy applications like Farmville [crap good]
stops people from doing any work [crap good]
shows you how fucking boring people really are [crap good]
is for people without a life [crap good]
lets me pretend i'm 17 [crap good]
shows me how many of my old friends from school were actually gay [crap good]
doesn't give you control over people tagging you in photos in which you look really bad until it's too late [crap good]
is not a book [crap good]
has even sunk its talons into this shitty site [crap good]
would be too easy to simply call it 'Faecebook' [crap good]
panders to the lowest common denominator [crap good]
is sad that people still use it. [crap good]
overrated [crap good]
is full of fags [crap good]
is like cock waving competition for so many [crap good]
has too many trackers and 10 year olds on there [crap good]
fails to protect your identity [crap good]
reminds me I have no friends [crap good]
has mark zuckerburg as its founder [crap good]
is hard to write applications for if you don't know where to start [crap good]
means that profile photos of exes with their babies and awesome partners keep showing up in mutual friends lists [crap good]
allow plenty of people to register many accounts [crap good]
exposes your level of popularity [crap good]